Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Lip Moisturizer SPF 15

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Lip Moisturizer SPF 15

While I was just thinking which product to be reviewed next (like the products which I discovered works giving positive results!) the product came up to my mind was  Neutrogena lip balm or say a true lip moisturizer..πŸ˜‡ During peak winter, almost 2 years ago my lips became extremely dry and started becoming flaky and itchy at the edges of my lips. My dermatologist suggested a cream which was OK at the beginning but then, gave no result after a month.. I tried all home remedies.. no use.. meanwhile I was out in a store and since I heard alot about Neutrogena products I thought of giving it a try and bought this lip moisturizer.

This was one more right choice I made for myself and I'm happy about it😎
Priced at 150 INR. Available at most of the stores and also online at discounted prices.

Coming to the review part, it is a transparent petroleum jelly sort of a lip balm with no smell. It comes in a cute, typical yet sturdy twist tube packaging with white base and details in blue colour font written across the tube. You can easily glide the lip balm and one swipe is more than enough for me, you may use it more than once if u want a n**e glossy finish to your lips. Even lipsticks sit well on the lip balm and as it has no colour/pigment, you can easily apply you lipstick of required colour without second thought πŸ˜‰ Oh yeah, it has SPF 15 😈 saving your lips from harsh UV rays.

So far, I have used many lip balms from renowned brands but none suited my lips and used to trigger them and make them flaky, but this particular product, on application for a week (only once or twice in a day when I got itching) made wonders and I no more have flakiness around my lips.
I thought of testing if my lips healed because of this product and did not use it for 2 days.. again the dryness started!! Since then, this little wonder stays with me.. always!! 😊

Final word : If any of you have sensitive lips like mine, I would suggest you to give it a try. It’s just 150 bucks in this costly duniya 😜 and Neutrogena as a brand has won many hearts for giving such good products 😀

No colour, no smell
Contains SPF 15
Worth the price you pay
Lasts long
Glides easily, non sticky

None!! I guess!! J


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