Olay natural white all in one fairness skin cream spf 24

Hi guys!!! :)

First of all, welcome to my blog :) This is my first post online as a blogger. Hence, I wanted to start with that one moisturizing cream that helped me when even the home remedies gave up on my hyper sensitive skin. I am put up in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, a very humid and hot place which makes me sweat like a pig at morning 8AM!! One morning my roomie saw me while I was starting from home to office and suggested me to try this cream which I don't miss till date :).

It is Olay Natural White All in One Fairness Skin Cream (with SPF 24)” 😄 😉  
Priced at 340 INR. Avaialble at most of the stores and also online at discounted prices.
It is a super moisturizing, yet non greasy, non-oily which has been saving my skin since two years now and acts as a great make up base. On usual days, I just apply the moisturizer and dab compact on and I’m all ready for the office. But when it comes to attending functions, who would not love to look little extra bright and flawless 😜. On those type of occasions, this cream becomes a base for further application of foundation, concealer, etc,. etc., 😄 
I don’t believe in the FAIRNESS part but yes it made my skin bright the first month of applying it… later.. may be.. it got used to my skin and I didn’t feel any changes though!! I love this since it is made for sensitive skin like mine and one of the best parts about this cream is that it contains SPF. A SPF 24 which I feel is more than enough for the exposure I have to sun!! And the amount is quite sufficient for the money paid. It will easily come for 3-4 months with me using it twice a day. Oh yes!! This cream was also being sold as a sachet for 10INR. Just check in nearby stores if you still get them and you can use as a tester 😎.

Likes about the cream : 👍

Super moisturizing!!
Non greasy, non-oily formula
Contains SPF 24
Not pricey for the brand and amount
Little is more than enough

Dislikes about the cream : 👎
The name tag “Fairness cream”, which is not as claimed, but again, its fine with me 😊 

Final Verdict : 👌👌👌👌/👌👌👌👌👌

Have you used this product?? Would love to know your experience on this.


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